Painkiller balm : which balm for your problem ?

Tiger Balm products have a unique solution for many problem faced by us in day to day life. You must know the various applications of every tiger balm products to get an optimized solution as and for every medical product, customers should know about the precautionary measures and here we have specified about the precautions to be taken.

Tiger balm red

Tiger Balm RedThis is an original recipe of the tiger balm which is more powerful than other products. It will give you an intense sensation of warmth into your skin. It is in the form of ointment and it is very simple to apply everywhere on your body. It will fit the bill for ailments like muscular troubles, muscles pain, joints pain, arthritis, rheumatism and back pain.

Tiger balm white

Tiger balm whiteNormally, this balm is less powerful than the red. It is manufactured with the correct combo of heat components like camphor & clove bud oil and cold components like dementholised mint oil and cajuput oil, which will give a neutral sensation on your skin. It can be applied for muscle and joint pains, running noses and mosquito stings.

Tiger balm liniment

Tiger balm linimentThis is an oil form of the pain relief product, but with the same composition of red tiger balm. The liniment is perfect to cover wide painful areas of your body. It can be used for gentle massage and body warm up before an exercise.

Tiger balm muscle rub

Tiger balm muscleIt is a non-greasy cream that can be used to cover wide area of your body. It can also help you to get quick relief from the strong pain that you feel during all the days.

Tiger balm neck & shoulder

Tiger balm neckTiger neck and shoulder is also a rub, used to get relief from shoulder muscle pain and neck pain, caused by overstress & tiredness. This rub will provide you a refreshing scent that will help you to energize your mind, body and spirit.

Kwan loong oil

Kwan loong oilKwan loong oil is exclusively prepared for the muscle pain caused by overexertion, arthritis and the back pain. Since this oil has an ability to improve the energy and blood flow on the painful area, Kwan long oil has given an epithet “oil lamp”, which will make the muscles to relax and decrease the swelling in joints & tendons. It relieves the pain and helps to improve the pain healing process time.

Tiger balm medicated plaster

Tiger Balm Medicated PlasterTiger medicated plaster is produced by using the latest hydrogel technology and it is fabricated using non-woven ventilated material. Unlike other plasters, tiger medicated plaster will not leave residue on the skin and it is very comfortable to use & remove it from the skin. If you want to use the tiger balm, not in the form of an ointment /oil for long time, you can use this medicated plaster in any painful part of your body. You can get tiger medicated plaster in plaster warm and plaster cold types.

Tiger balm : precautions

Some important Precautions to be followed by you:

 - Only for External Use.
 - Keep away from children below 5 years of age and pregnant women.
 - Avoid using tiger balm in and around eyes.
 - Avoid for oral usage. If you default on any of the above specified precautions by  mistake, you must consult your physician immediately.